Nadja Ryzhakova

An enthusiastic iPad artist fascinated by how new technologies transform the way we create, I see drawing on mobile devices as a progressive form of art once again challenging the conventional notion of painting as the dominant medium of representation. Through my iPaintings, I explore the creative capacity of the iPad and aim to bring this new form of creative work to fine art, and in so doing, to broaden art horizons. Simultaneously, through my work I attempt to challenge the concept of digital art by combining my traditional arts education with progressive and innovative skills and media.

Digital technologies hold a great significance in today’s rapidly evolving society. Equipped with advanced drawing platforms, mobile devices such as Smartphone, iPad, iPod are our new medium for digital art. Have becoming been globally used, this mobile devices opens up the new creative possibilities for everybody. With Wi-Fi internet access sharing, experiencing and participating in art have become easier. In other words, mobile devices have opened a door for free global creativity to everyone, without being tied up with space, time boundaries, and obvious artistic hierarchy in the visual arts. I have recognized this through my research, and in April 2012 I founded the iPainting Facebook Page – an open online art studio uniting people in the online community who draw on mobile devices from all over the world. It is also open for those who accept iPainting as a progressive form of art, for art historians grappling with new media art, for enthusiastic supporters of mobile devices, and for curious individuals.

September 6, 2012 - I am a featured artist on Art Every Day 2 U blog:

In August 2012 I created a series of iPad drawings for London 2012 Sponsorship Competition blog on the ClarkHuot/Cocoon website. Visiting events of London 2012 Festival and iconic Olympic landmarks, I featured top Olympic sponsors and captured the spirit of the Olympic games.

In July 2012 I was invited to be an official art-blogger for the DLNET and MCG 'Working together to engage digital audiences in museums' conference to capture the event in pictures with the use of the iPad.

I have recently completed a 31 day online project, entitled “31 Digits” in which I utilised the iPad as a kind of visual diary to record and capture the ambiance of the day through my eyes, producing one image at the end of every day during the month of May. The idea for “31 Digits” grew out of my desire to explore daily life in East London by using the progressive digital medium of the iPad.This project has enabled me to explore the boundaries of digital art, and how it can affect reality.


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iPad Drawing iPainting fine art Monumental Painting Photoshop illustration